Lady Venom

  the founder of dirty bingo Toronto , est in february 2010.

However, the vision began a long time before that.

when she was a very curious young one. & the women in her family would host - what they called - "sexy nightie parties", & everyone underage had to go elsewhere. her curiosity ran wild, as the racks of silky, feathery things rolled past, & mysterious packages were carried in.  On their way to the room full of excited women!

while everyone else played, young lady venom would spy. 

even though she didn't know what it was. she knew it was exciting & made the women feel glamorous & sexy! she knew she had to become a part of that world one day. in 2009, lady venom thought she`d found the way in!


joining a multi-level-marketing company & limited to what the mlm had to offer people was not fulfilling. there had to be something that reached even more people!, & was much more fun!

in February 2010, lady venom quit the mlm, packed up every product she had leftover, rented a hall & put the  word out! she had no idea if anyone would show up!

but... they did!! & in that moment, dirty bingo toronto was born. right there, & so was lady venom.

...always dare to live out a   dream.

      xo, lady venom. 



Most recent member of the team!

the dabberman has become a popular character in his own right! joining on as lady venom`s partner in crime during the pandemic.

he is the co-host of dbt`s events. & the face you'll see for all curbside  deliveries across the gta. 

lady venom & dabberman`s banter, along with dabberman's famous, lucky ball shakes, are sure to crack you up! 

he was quite shy & nervous at the beginning! ..now, he can captivate the crowd on his own. with his quick wit & cheeky humor. dabberman is the perfect edition to dbt, he will remain ladyvenom's partnerwhen the world opens up & live events begin again, it`s dabberman that will grace the stage, right beside lady venom. he`ll even bring his infamous ball shakes with him to spread luck to the crowd!

      xo, dabberman